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More than just a digital gift bag

With Zoliro exhibitors and sponsors can identify their potential customers among event attendees, generate highly qualified leads and keep driving results even long after the event has ended. Giving attendees a simple, engaging mobile experience, all branded to your event   

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Enabling digital 1 on 1 interactions with more than 90% of event attendees


Positive Engagement

Attendees get to select offers and create their personal digital gift bag. Our consistent high acceptance rate shows how much they really love it.


Qualified Leads

Get a detailed shortlist of qualified leads to share with each of your sponsors so they can capitalise on new business opportunities created at your event.

100% Actionable Results

Zoliro Significantly improves results to meet every marketing objective your sponsors have

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We will only email you once with the link to the demo bag so you can open it on your phone to get the full user experience.. Or simply copy this link to your mobile browser:

Becoming the hero in 4...



Collaborate with your sponsors to create effective digital offers



Share a rewarding experience with your attendees all branded especially to your event



Provide your sponsors with a list of qualified leads who have opted in to receive emails from them and can use it for their future marketing activities


Generate more event sponsorship revenue, share results and create meaningful partnerships.

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